Natural, modern storytelling.

Wedding, Lifestyle, and Branding Photography

Genuine + meaningful.

I believe in telling love stories as fully and beautifully as possible. It's not just about how beautiful it looks , but how beautiful it feels. You found your person, and you're about to have an amazing adventure together. I want to tell that story, and all the other little stories that unfold around it - the people who love you, the places that matter. More than anything, the emotion and connection. The real good stuff.

Moments are everything.

Real life is beautiful. I love gorgeous florals and the stunning wedding venues on Vancouver Island, but I also love animals, grandma hands, and little kids who cut their own hair. Happy tears are my jam. There are extraordinary moments that happen every day, and photography helps us hold on to them. Those moments are the heirlooms that deserve to be treasured.

Hello there :)

I'm Sarah, a wedding and lifestyle photographer inspired by authentic storytelling and capturing candid moments. I love telling love stories, of all kinds. Everyone is welcome here. I'm originally from Vancouver Island, but I had the opportunity to live in Berlin for six years, after I finished my art studies. The world has amazed me in many ways, but for me there is no place like home. A lot of people don't feel comfortable in front of the camera, and I really really get that (I am one of those people). So I have two main objectives for every photo session: 1) get great pictures, and 2) create a relaxed atmosphere where you can truly have fun and enjoy yourself. I love when people come away from a session and say, "that was actually really fun!"